About the types of 2021 Conference ticket / PyCon JP 2021 カンファレンスチケット紹介

(English follows Japanese in each section.)

PyCon JP 2021 座長のnikkieです。

PyCon JP 2021(10/15, 16開催)まで2ヶ月を切りました。
今回はPyCon JP 2021のカンファレンスチケット種別について紹介します。
チケットは現在connpassページを準備中です。→ 公開しました 🚀

Hi there,
I'm nikkie, a chair of the PyCon JP 2021.

PyCon JP 2021 (Oct. 15 and 16) is less than two months away.
In this post, I will introduce the conference ticket types for PyCon JP 2021.
We are currently preparing the connpass page to sell tickets. -> published! 🚀


チケット種別 / About the type of ticket

This year, we have prepared two types.

  • Personal (通常チケット / Normal ticket)
  • Patron(Pythonへの感謝や貢献をアピールできるチケットです / This is the ticket to show your appreciation and contribution to Python)


  Personal Patron
オンライン会場(Discord)への参加 (*1)
Join an online venue (Discord) (*1)
キーノート・トークにZoomから参加 (*2)
Join the keynotes and talks via Zoom (*2)
スペシャルブース参加 (*3)
Join the special booths (*3)
Join the online party (Oct./16 night)
[Early bird] オンラインパーティー(10/16夜)のフード宅配 (*4)
Food delivery for online party (Oct./16 night) (*4)
* However, applications must be submitted by mid-September.
公式サイトに名前を掲載 (*5)
Put your name on the official website (*5)
TBD オンサイト参加権 (*6)
Participate on-site If possible (*6)

(*1) チケット購入者にDiscordの招待リンクを共有します。Discordではconnpass受付番号を使って受付します。
We'll share the Discord invite link to those who purchased tickets, and we'll collect the connpass receipt number in Discord.

(*2) キーノート・トークの配信については後述します。
Streaming of the keynotes and talks follows.

(*3) スポンサーによるスペシャルブース (Discord)に参加できます。また、スペシャルブーススタンプラリーの参加権があり、スタンプラリー各賞の進呈対象となります。
You can visit the special booths on Discord by the sponsors. You will also have the right to participate in the Special Booth Stamp Rally, and will be eligible to receive prizes.

(*4) パーティーフードについては後述します。
Party food follows.

(*5) connpass表示名を予定しています。
Display name on connpass is planned to be used.

(*6) オンサイト参加権については後述します。
On-site participation follows.

キーノート・トークの配信 / Streaming of the keynotes and talks

今年はYouTube Liveでの同時配信はしません
2020年の経験を踏まえ、チケットを買った方限定でトークの場にリアルタイムで参加してもらいたい、そして、トーク中の質問やトーク後のAsk the speakerでカンファレンスを盛り上げたい、と考えました。
会期後 https://www.youtube.com/user/PyConJP にてアーカイブを公開予定です。

This year, we will not be streaming the talks simultaneously on YouTube Live.
Based on our experience in 2020, we wanted only those who bought tickets to join the talks in real time, and to bring the conference to life with questions during the talks and “Ask the speaker” after the talks.
If you want to enjoy the talk in real time, please buy a ticket.
The archives will be available at https://www.youtube.com/user/PyConJP after the conference.
You can also buy a ticket in advance, join Discord, and enjoy the archives and Discord after the event.

パーティーフード / Party food



This year's tickets include party food as an early bird special!
Pizza Hut sponsors this event and will be delivering pizzas🍕 to participants’ homes.
Delivery is only available in Japan (Sorry to all participants from overseas!).
Due to the food delivery, please buy a ticket up to one month before the event.
Note that you can still purchase tickets after having passed one month before the event, but the food will not be delivered and the price will not change.

Party food delivery address cannot be changed

オンサイト参加権 / On-site participation


PyCon JP 2021はオンサイト・オンラインのハイブリッド開催を予定しています(詳細はこちら)。

Patron ticket purchasers may be given the right to participate on-site.

PyCon JP 2021 will be a hybrid onsite/online event (see this post for details).
We are planning to sell a limited number of tickets (up to 100, including Patron) for additional on-site participation on October 15 (Fri.) just before the event (2-3 weeks before the event), based on the changing COVID-19 situation.
The details of the on-site participation will be announced when the on-site participation tickets go on sale.
However, there is a possibility that the on-site event will be abandoned in consideration of the COVID-19 situation.
If the on-site event is not held, it will be held online and no refund will be given.

連絡事項 / Announcements

There will be no tickets for business or students this year.

グッズについて / Goods

In addition to the above tickets, we are considering a system where participants can obtain participant T-shirts if they wish.

周りのPython使いにPyCon JP 2021 チケットについてのブログがあることを知らせてもらえるととても嬉しいです。

Look forward to the tickets going on sale.
It would be great if you could let the Python users around you know that there is a post about the tickets of PyCon JP 2021.

(以下はSNSのカード用の画像です / The following is a image for a SNS card.)



Change log

  • (8/28) connpassページのリンクを追加
  • (Aug./28th) Add a link to the connpass page.
  • (8/26) より分かりやすくするため、表にオンラインパーティー参加の行を追加。カード用画像も更新
  • (Aug./26th) Added a row for online party participation to the table to make it easier to understand. Also updated images for card.

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