Call for Proposal has been closed

Hello everyone, this is masamori from the PyCon JP 2022 content team.

Yesterday, we closed our call for proposals for PyCon JP 2022. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted one of the many proposals we received.

We received 120 proposals from 97 people. You can see a breakdown of categories these proposals have been submitted in below.

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal.

We are now busy reviewing all these submissions and you can help too by joining our team of reviewers from the link below. You don’t have to review all proposals and if you are not comfortable in your Japanese language skills, you can choose to only review English proposals.

Brief schedule until proposals are selected (this is a tentative schedule and the dates and times are subject to change)

6/24 (Fri) Deadline for reviewer applications
7/2 (Sat) Deadline for reviewers
Mid-July: Notification of acceptance
(All times are JST.)

That's all for this blog.

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