Revealing the PyCon JP 2022 logo!

Hello! I am a member of the PyCon JP 2022 design team.

We’re excited to reveal this year's conference logo.


The theme of PyCon JP 2022 is “meet and discover”.

While we were forced to hold PyCon JP online in 2020 and hybrid in 2021, we are planning to once again hold an on-site event this year.

We hope to create an event here in Japan where you can meet people, learn about Python and discover new values and perspectives. 


Considering our theme, we created a logo which tries to express concepts such as “community”, “diverse perspectives”, and elements of “Japaneseness”.


Geometric patterns inspired by origami and making use of traditional Japanese colors, based on Shinto shrine gates and lacquer ware, intersect and fold to create a new shape.

The resulting two snakes look up from 2D to 3D to find each other.


It expresses a new perspective, the discoveries brought about by the encounter,  and the expansion of these discoveries.

The logo and design guide are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License can be downloaded from the following URL.




With the logo announced, we also changed the PyCon JP Twitter and Facebook icons.


PyCon JP Twitter: https://twitter.com/pyconjapan

PyCon JP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PyConJP


Stay tuned by following us on social media or this blog to not miss out on the latest announcements about PyCon JP, including the start of our call for proposals!

Let’s all have a great conference, be it as volunteers, sponsors, speakers or participants.

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