The information of the proposal at PyCon JP 2022

Hello! I'm Masamori, the leader of the PyCon JP 2022 content team.

We are currently preparing for the call of proposals.

In this blog post, I would like to share some information prior to opening the CfP.


Basic Policy of PyCon JP 2022

The theme of PyCon JP 2022 is

Meet and Discover

It was difficult to meet people because of COVID-19, but this time we created an event where we could meet in a new style.Basically, we would like you to gather in the venue and present the technology while connecting with many
people offline.

We would like you to meet at the venue in Tokyo and interact with each other, to create connections with the new style while maintaining contact with people even during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are aiming to hold a conference with such a goal in mind.

On the other hand, considering the ongoing situation, if you are unable or unwilling to attend in person, we will accept talk proposals to be presented online, but please let us know in advance if possible.

We will strive to ensure the best safety we can provide at the onsite event.


Talk Track
When submitting a proposal, please pick the category that most closely matches the contents of your talk.
At PyCon JP 2022, we made some changes from last years talk categories

The categories this year are:

  • Python core

    • Python grammar

    • New apis

    • Internal packages 

  • Tips of development with Python

    • Useful tools for development with Python

    • CI / CD

  • Test for development

    • Anything related to testing Python code

  • Web programming 

  • Machine learning 

  • Hardware

  • Visualization / Games / Music

    • Data visualization.

  • Related with another language

    • Other languages and how they related to Python

  • Approaching to social problem

    • How Python can be used to help with social issues such as COVID-19, which are a hot topic these days.

    • The definition of social issues is broad, so feel free to use this category if your talk is about any kind of non-technical issues.

  • Niche technique

    • Any niche you’re excited about and want to share with a wider audience.

  • Network programming

  • Python in education

  • Others 

    • If you don't see a category that fits your talk, please select this... (*)

(*) ... It is provided so that we can select the track of the talk that we did not expect. If you feel that no Track is applicable, select this. When it is adopted, it may be treated as another track at the discretion of the staff.

The proposal form

To help you submit your proposal, we’ll explain some of the fields of the form here.
Note that not all fields will be explained in detail, so if you have any further questions,
please contact us via the form linked below.

Please provide a short overview of your talk.


Please provide some more details about your talk and an outline of your timeline.

Knowledges and know-how the audience can get from your talk

Please specify what takeaways the audience can expect from your talk.

Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have

Please explain what the audience should already know to fully enjoy your talk.For example, suppose you want to talk about Domain Driven Design in Python. In that case, if prior knowledge about Domain Driven Design is required, please write so. You may use a bullet list.


Audience experience
Please choose the closest level of experience with Python the audience needs :
  • Beginner : Understands basic Python syntax and parts of the standard library.

  • Intermediate : Finished some Python tutorials and has experience with some third party libraries

  • Advanced : Several years of experience with Python, maybe published some packages, and is interested in the internals of Python and its performance.

That is all. If you have any further questions about your proposal, please feel free to contact us via https://forms.gle/QC3iWkxRjUkuUqx59

 We are looking forward to your application!

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