PyCon JP 2022 Financial Aid for travel expenses

Financial Aid

PyCon JP 2022 can provide financial aid to attendees. 


Attendees who are unable to attend PyCon JP due to travel expenses without financial aid, and live in Japan.
For participants from overseas, this time we will support only speakers.


If your financial aid request is accepted, we can support you with following expenses.
Attendees in Japan : up to 50,000 JPY
You get reimbursed at the venue reception desk.


Up to 10 - considering applicant’s situation like distance, student etc.

Application Deadline

Please apply by September 12 JST

Notification of result

Will be announced via email from Sep. 13th

Applying for financial aid

Please fill in the following form:


Please bring a receipt - either paper or e-ticket - of the traveling expense to the reception desk at the venue.
You get expenses  in exchange for showing us the  receipt.
We will give further detailed information after you are qualified.


We are not able to reimburse expenses other than travel expenses, registration fees are not covered.
If you are under 18 years old, you must provide a letter of approval from your parents or  guardian.
You need to buy a ticket for PyCon JP 2022 before applying to financial aid.

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