PyCon JP 2022 Ticket Types and Ticket Sales Date

Hello! My name is Nakamura, a member of publicity team in PyCon JP 2022.

PyCon JP 2022 connpass event page have just opened

We are happy to inform you about the details how to attend PyCon JP 2022.

Ticket available

Ticket page available from 2022-09-05 12:00 (JST).

You can purchase the ticket from the connpass event page.

How to participate

PyCon JP 2022 will be held onsite and support online streaming.

There are three ways to participate:

On-site Participation

This is a way to participate at the venue. You can ask questions and interact with speakers.

Lunch will be provided.

Off-site Participation

This is a way to participate in the online streaming. You can ask questions and interact with speakers.

Lunch won’t be provided in off-site participation.

Watch the YouTube live stream (no ticket purchase required)

The conference will be live-streamed on YouTube.
This is a way to participate in viewing the online streaming.

But in this way, you can’t ask questions and interact with speakers.
If you want that, please purchase the ticket.
We recommend on-site or off-site participation.

Ticket types

There are five ticket types:

  • Patron: JPY40,000
  • Business: JPY18,000
  • Personal: JPY12,000
  • Student: JPY2,000
  • Online: JPY2,000

Please check the connpass event page for ticket details.

Financial Aid

PyCon JP 2022 can provide financial aid to attendees.

For more information, please check the following article.

PyCon JP Blog: PyCon JP 2022 Financial Aid for travel expenses


Childcare will be available, however you will have to register for it in advance.

When it is ready, we will announce you how to apply.

The differences from previous years’ conferences

Countermeasures against Covid-19

We have established PyCon JP 2022 On-Site Participation Guidelines to ensure everyone comfortably participating. Please read them carefully.

In case for tracking infected people, we ask you to enter your contact information when you purchase the ticket.

Purchaser can only come to the conference. You cannot give your ticket to others, because it makes difficult to keep tracking participant.


We plan to hold a party after the conference.

Party ticket will be launched separately when we are ready.

We will announce how to purchase the party ticket later.


Two types of T-shirts will be available for sale and distribution.

Please check the connpass event page for details.

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