Call for PyCon JP 2022 sprint participants and sprint leaders is now open!

This year's sprint will be held on Sunday, October 16 at TOC Ariake Convention Hall (20F) in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Anyone who registers on the connpass event page for the sprint can attend for free! You do not need a ticket for PyCon JP 2022 to participate in a sprint.

What is a sprint?

Most open source software development is done through online communication, usually on the web. Most of the time this is fine, but sometimes getting together in person to collaborate offline can be effective in moving development forward in a big way.

A method called sprints or hackathons (outside of the Python community, such meetups are often referred to as hackathons) was created to allow developers interested in this particular project to get together offline and make quick progress in a short amount of time. (Outside of the Python community, such meetups are often called hackathons).

And since a conference where developers come together is the perfect place to realize these sprints, sprints are often held as part of the conference.

PyCon JP 2022 will provide the necessary environment for sprints (Wi-Fi, power, tables, chairs, and coffee). Sprint participants are encouraged to bring their computers, skills, and passion for development to the event!

This sprint will also be a great opportunity for the Python community to get involved.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity for offline community activities!

What is a Sprint Leader?

A sprint leader is a person who decides on a specific open project to be handled within a sprint and handles guiding and consulting on its development, within a time frame.

A leader does not have to be a maintainer of the project being developed. Leaders are asked to choose a specific project that they would like to develop and simply set the goals they would like to achieve within the sprint. If other sprint participants would like to participate in a project they have chosen, sprint leaders are expected to first introduce their chosen project to the participants and guide them through the development process, and then assist them as needed during the development process.

Since this Sprint Leader structure is completely informal, participants are free to choose any project they wish to actually develop.

When applying for community activities, please have the community representative register as a leader and describe the name of the community and what you will be working on in the CONNSPASS survey.

Sprint Date/Time/Registration/Place

  • Date: 2022/10/16 (Sun) 
    • 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Sprint)
    • Participant clean-up: 18:30
  • Registration Fee: Free
    • You can attend even if you have not registered for PyCon JP 2022.
  • Registration: Please register in advance at the connpass event page.
    • If you are attending as a sprint leader, please register as a sprint leader on the connpass event page. 
    • When you register, please also answer the form and submit the theme you would like to work on in the sprint.
    • Please answer the form in either Japanese or English.  
    • We will later publish a list of submitted themes for viewing by sprint participants.
  • Venue: TOC Ariake Convention Hall (20F)

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