PyCon JP 2022 Attendee T-Shirt Released!

PyCon JP 2022 T-shirt is ready!

There are 2 types of participant’s T-shirt, the one that will be distributed locally and the one that can be purchased in advance at SUZURI!

This is a T-shirt you can buy at SUZURI!

This is a normal size PyCon JP 2022 T-shirt with the PyCon JP 2022 logo.

SUZURI version has limited design on the front.

You can choose from the following two base colors and sizes.

PyCon JP 2022 Oversize PyCon JP 2022 T-shirt with puzzle logo.

SUZURI version has limited design on the front.

You can choose from the following two  colors and sizes.

(Added on 09/06) In addition, we have added dry-type T-shirts in response to requests!

There are 4 different colors for each shade.

PyCon JP 2022 Dark-colored dry T-shirts (Burgundy)

PyCon JP 2022 Light-colored dry T-shirts (Lightpink)

Please look forward to the T-shirt (Limited number. It is distributed free of charge within the sponsor plan. More details later.) that will be distributed at the site.

The design is different from SUZURI sales and local distribution, so you can get both 2 editions! 

At PyCon JP, T-shirts are designed for attendees!

You can purchase from the above URL on the goods production site suzuri.

T-shirts will be on sale for a limited time until PyCon JP 2022 on 10/16.

It will take about 10 business days for on-demand production, so I recommend that you purchase by the end of September.

Also, unfortunately, SUZURI does not support shipping overseas.

As a workaround, for example, if you create an account on tensou.com, get a dedicated address, and use it, you can get it even for foreigners. However, it takes a lot of time to send it to some areas such as India because we only send it by surface mail. Please be careful if you live abroad.


We are currently making and shipping speaker T-shirts to the speakers.

We are currently shipping speaker T-shirt (for the overseas, via tensou.com).

See you in PyCon JP 2022 with PyCon JP T-shirts!



2022/09/06: Add dry-typed T-shirts

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