PyCon JP 2021 プロポーザルフォームのTrackについて / About Track in the proposal form


PyConJP 2021 トーク担当のmasamoriです。現在、プロポーザル募集に向けて鋭意動き回っております。

PyCon JP 2021のプロポーザルのフォーマットについて紹介します。




PyCon JP 2021においては、トラック数を去年より大きく減らし、かつ変更もしました。各詳細は以下に譲りますが、去年の反省から「多すぎるトラックはPyCon JPとしての明確なメッセージ性に欠けてしまう」ということが、私たちスタッフの中で挙げられました。また、私たちの一つの願いとして、Python単体の素晴らしさだけではなく、私たちを取り巻く世界の中で輝くPythonの価値を発信していきたいというものがあります。


  • Python core and around
    • 開発に関するツールなどPython周りのことはここ
    • ラズパイとかのハードウェア系もここ
    • 文法などもここ
  • Machine learning
    • DeepLearning・統計などもここ
  • Web programming
    • Djangoなど
    • CMS関連
  • Visual / Game / Music
    • データの可視化などもここ
  • Outside of Python language
    • Pythonと他の言語の比較や、関わり方など
    • Python 関係のコミュニティなどもここ
  • Approaching to social problem 
    • コロナなど昨今話題になっている社会問題について、Pythonがどのように用いられているかなど
    • 社会問題でなくとも、身近な問題についても可(例えば家計簿、ヘルス関係など)
  • Only for fun or try new technique
    • とにかく最先端を言っているような技術(ググってもなかなかトップには出て来なそうな技術)
    • ニッチすぎるが、ひたすら掘り下げることによって逆に面白さを感じさせるようなトピック(Pythonには関係させてください)
  • Anything else basically which doesn’t fall into types of topics above

    • 上記に該当するTrackがない場合に限り、ここを選択してください...(*)




Hi there,

I'm masamori, from the PyConJP 2021. I'm in charge of the talk. We are currently working on the Call for Proposals.

Let me introduce the format of the proposals for PyCon JP 2021.

In this blog, I will explain about Track.

Please refer to it when you submit your proposal.


Track represents "What your talk is about".

Please choose the one from below that is closest to you.

For PyCon JP 2021, we greatly reduced the number of tracks compared to last year, and also made some changes. The details of each track are given below, but based on our reflections on last year's event, our staff felt that too many tracks would lack a clear message for PyCon JP. In addition, one of our wishes is to communicate not only the excellence of Python on its own, but also the value of Python as it shines in the world around us.

With the above in mind, we have made the following categories:

  • Python core and around

    • Development tools and other Python related topics are here.

    • Hardware like Raspy is also here.

    • Grammar and other stuff here.

  • Machine learning

    • DeepLearning, statistics, etc.

  • Web programming

    • Django, etc.

    • About CMS

  • Visual / Game / Music

    • Data visualization, etc.

  • Outside of Python language

    • Comparison of Python with other languages and how they relate to each other

    • Python communities, etc. are also here.

  • Approaching to social problem 

    • How Python is being used to address social issues such as corona.

    • Not necessarily a social problem, but a familiar problem (e.g., household budgeting, health-related issues, etc.)

  • Only for fun or try new technique

    • Only for fun or try new techniques that are on the cutting edge (i.e., techniques that don't appear at the top of the Google search results)

    • Topics that are too niche, but are interesting to dig into (must be related to Python)

  • Anything else basically which doesn’t fall into types of topics above

    • If you don't see a track that fits the criteria above , please select it here...(*)

(*)...This is provided to allow you to select a track for a talk that we are not expecting.

If you feel that there is no Track that fits the bill, please select this one. It may be treated as another Track at the discretion of the staff when we adopt it.

That's all for today.

There have been a lot of changes and I am sure there are some things we have overlooked. So, if you have any questions about the proposals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are sincerely looking forward to receiving more proposals!


We'll be answering your questions on our FAQ post.

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