PyCon JP 2021 プロポーザルフォームに書くAudienceの情報について / About audience information in the proposal form

(English follows Japanese)

PyCon JP 2021スタッフの中村です。

PyCon JP 2021のプロポーザルのフォーマットについて紹介します。 
  • Audience level
  • Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have(2020ではAudience expertise)
  • Track
このブログでは、Audience levelとPrior knowledges speakers assume the audience to haveについて説明します。
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Audience level

Audience levelは聴衆がPythonにどのくらい詳しいかを表します。
  • BeginnerPythonチュートリアルなどでPythonの文法や標準ライブラリの使い方を学んでいる
  • Intermediate:Pythonチュートリアルを終え、サードパーティーライブラリを使って、Webアプリ開発、データ分析、自動化などのいずれかに取り組んでいる
  • Advanced:Pythonを数年使っていて、パッケージを公開していたり、Pythonのパフォーマンスや内部実装に関心があったりする
  • Expert:Python自体やよく知られたPythonライブラリに開発で貢献している

  1. 聴衆がすでに知っていることの理解がさらに深まるような情報を共有する(例:Beginnerに向けてPythonチュートリアルの特定のトピックを深堀りする)
  2. 1つ上のレベルに進むための情報を共有する(例:Beginnerに対してIntermediateに進むために必要と考えることを共有)

Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have







Hi there,
I'm Nakamura, a member of the PyCon JP 2021 staff.

I’m explaining some items on the proposal form this year. 
  • Audience level
  • Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have (* Audience expertise in 2020)
  • Track
In this post, I'll explain "Audience level" and "Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have".
Please use this as a reference in submitting your proposal.

Audience level

"Audience level" means how familiar the audience is with Python.
Choose the one item below that most closely matches "Audience Python level" of your talk:
  • Beginner: who are learning Python syntax and know how to use standard libraries through The Python Tutorial, and so on
  • Intermediate: who has finished The Python Tutorial and work on such as web app development, data analytics, or automation, and so on, using third-party libraries
  • Advanced: who have been using Python for a few years, have published a package, or are interested in Python performance or internal implementations
  • Expert: who contribute in the development of Python itself and well-known Python libraries

For example, there would be two directions for the talk.
  1. to share information which will help your audience to understand more deeply what they already know
  2. to share information which will help your audience to go up their Python level to one level higher

Prior knowledges speakers assume the audience to have

Please write down in your proposal if there is prerequisite knowledge that you wish or need the audience to have.
For example, let’s say you have a lot of experience in Domain-Driven Design and you want to give a presentation on Domain-Driven Design in Python. In this case, if you think that the audience needs or should have knowledge of Domain-Driven Design to understand your presentation, please write about it. A bullet list of required prerequisite knowledge is also acceptable.

That’s all for this post.

I think there may be some things that are poorly explained about the changes or that we're missing. 
Therefore, if you are unsure about any of the items of the proposal form, please do not hesitate to ask questions!
We'll be answering your questions on our FAQ post.

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