out-of-stock of PyCon JP 2021 T-shirts/PyCon JP 2021 参加者Tシャツの品切れについて

 (English follows Japanese.) 

PyCon JP 2021参加者Tシャツの購入ありがとうございます。


下記のblogでPyCon JPデザイン担当がオススメした、ベース色がsaxeのTシャツについて、品切れについて質問を受けました。



今回注文できるsuzuriではオンデマンド生産でPyCon JP側では在庫等持っていません。


~ 9月28日(火)23:59までsuzuriでセールをしているので、お安く手に入れることが出来ます!



是非みなさん一緒にPyCon JP Tシャツを着て PyCon JP 2021に参加しましょう!

早期購入特典期間は終了しましたが、PyCon JP 2021チケットも販売中です!

Thank you for purchasing PyCon JP 2021 attendee T-shirts.

We have received a question about the out-of-stock of the T-shirts with the base color of saxe, which was recommended by the PyCon JP design staff.


Some t-shirts, such as the L size, are no longer in stock and can no longer be ordered.

The suzuri you can order from this time is on-demand production, and PyCon JP does not have any stock.

If the size you want is out of stock, you can change the size, base color, or T-shirt variation (long T-shirt or dry) and purchase it, so please consider it. You can also choose a hoodie.

As for the speaker T-shirts, they are being made and shipped, and some of them have already arrived.

Let's all wear PyCon JP T-shirts and join PyCon JP 2021 together!

The early purchase period is over, but PyCon JP 2021 tickets are still on sale!

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