PyCon JP 2018 Sprintは、参加費無料で盛りだくさん!(参加者募集中) / PyCon JP 2018 Sprints Just Got Even Better!

(English below)

PyCon JP 2018 Sprintは、PyCon JP 2018のチケットがなくても無料で出席できます。


スプリント自体と同様に、PyCon JPチケットは必要ありませんが、
皆さんのために十分な料理を準備できるように、事前にSprint Connpassに登録することをお願いします。

Did you know that the PyCon JP 2018 sprints are not only free to attend, even without a PyCon JP 2018 ticket, but also offer free, professional child care?
But that's not all!
During the day, free coffee will be available and now, thanks to the generosity of our sprint sponsor HDE Inc, there will also be a free dinner with drinks after the sprints. Halal options will be available.
As with the sprint itself, no PyCon JP ticket is required, but we ask that you sign up in advance on our connpass page so we can make sure to order enough food for everyone. We would appreciate it if you participated in the sprint if you want to join the dinner.

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