Poster selection announcement

Hello, this is Nishi from the program team.
Thank you so much for the proposals!
We just had our final poster-selection meeting.

The titles of the accepted poster-proposals are listed below, in no particular order.
We will also send out confirmation emails to everyone who submitted a proposal, later.
If your proposal wasn’t accepted this time around, please don’t be discouraged and to try again at future conferences!

Japanese (7 Sessions, in no particular order)

  1. 画像から音を創生するアルゴリズムに関する基礎研究
  2. PythonとAWSLambdaによるアスキーアート自動生成ウェブアプリ作成
  3. 図でわかる組合せ最適化モデル
  4. PyLadiesTokyoによるPyCon APAC イベントレポート★
  5. ビバLTS!既存プロジェクトをDjango1.11 にバージョンアップした際のハマりどころ!
  6. Python Boot Campで全国にPythonの環を広げよう!
  7. 日本各地に拡がるPyDataコミュニティ

English (4 Sessions, in no particular order)

  1. Growing an open-source community: Zulip's path from 0 to 300+ contributors in 2 years
  2. Multilingual Speech Recognition using Python and Google Speech API
  3. An Introduction to Quantum Computing with Python
  4. Make your code count : Writing open source code for science and research

Congratulations to everyone whose poster-proposal got accepted!
If your poster-proposal was not accepted, please do try again at PyCon JP next year or at other conferences!
Your poster-proposal not being accepted is not an indication that your proposal was insufficient, as we had many proposals and had to cut some simply because we cannot accommodate more poster-sessions.

In case of an accepted speaker cancelling, we might contact you again to give you a poster-session even if it was not accepted.

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