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Hello, this is Saito from the program team. We’re only two months away from PyCon JP 2017, and we just had our final talk selection meeting.

<Program team members at the final talk selection meeting at Waseda University>

Thank you for your proposal‼

Our final selection includes 12 talks in English as well as 28 talks in Japanese. The titles of the accepted talks are listed below, in no particular order. We will also send out confirmation emails to everyone who submitted a proposal. If your proposal wasn’t accepted this time around, please don’t be discouraged and to try again at future conferences!

English Talks (12 talks, in no particular order)

  1. Clearer Code at Scale: Static Types at Zulip and Dropbox
  2. Industrial Test Automation with Asyncio
  3. Building A Wrapper API: The case for abstraction
  4. An Introduction to web scraping using Python
  5. Why you should do text analysis with Python (even if you don't want to)
  6. How (and Why) We Speak in Unicode
  7. Running Dask in the Cloud
  8. Building a Customized Personal Assistant with Python
  9. Secrets of a WSGI master.
  10. Reactive Programming on AWS Lambda in Python
  11. A Guide to Exponentiation, and how it affects Machine Learning
  12. after VOEZ launch: how to resolve problems of mobile game server development and service maintenance

Japanese Talks (28 talks, in no particular order)

  1. Pythonにおけるデバッグ手法
  2. PythonとRを行ったり来たり
  3. Python におけるドメイン駆動設計(戦術面)の勘どころ
  4. Pythonによる文章自動生成入門!Python ✖︎ 自然言語処理 ✖︎ ディープラーニング
  5. PythonでOAuth『サーバ』を構築した話
  6. AWS APIGateway + Python Lambda + NEologdで作るサーバレス日本語形態素解析API
  7. The theory of Serverless development by Python (理論から学ぶPythonによるサーバレス開発)
  8. Polyphony: Python ではじめる FPGA と CNN への応用
  9. Pythonをとりまく並行/非同期の話
  10. ベンリに使おう変数アノテーション - typing.pyとの楽しいお付き合い
  11. len()関数がオブジェクトの長さを手にいれる仕組み
  12. クイズ・pythonミリオネア!!!
  13. Sharding with SQLAlchemy
  14. Pythonで大量データ処理!PySparkを用いたデータ分析のきほん
  15. Pythonの本気!RaspberryPiやEdisonを使ったIoTシステムの構築
  16. Kivyによるアプリケーション開発のすすめ
  17. SREエンジニアがJupyter+BigQueryでデータ分析基盤をDev&Opsする話
  18. Pythonistaで始めるiOSプロトタイプ開発
  19. Pythonで実現する4コマ漫画の分析・評論 2017
  20. Pythonとパッケージングと私
  21. 野球を科学する技術〜Pythonを用いた統計ライブラリ作成と分析基盤構築
  22. ドローンのフライトコントローラをPythonで制御してみた話
  23. Pythonと機械学習によるWebセキュリティの自動化
  24. ディープニューラルネット確率的プログラミングライブラリEdward
  25. OpenAPIを利用したPythonWebアプリケーション開発
  26. 機械学習におけるデータの再現性について
  27. プロダクト開発して分かったDjangoの深~いパーミッション管理の話
  28. Djangoフレームワークのユーザーモデルと認証

Congratulations to everyone who’s talk got accepted! If your talk was not accepted, please do try again at PyCon JP next year or at other conferences! Your talk not being accepted is not an indication that your proposal was insufficient, as we had a large number of proposals and had to cut some simply because we cannot accommodate more talks.

In case of an accepted speaker cancelling, we might contact you again to give your talk even if it was not accepted.

PyCon JP 2017 Talk Awards Announcement
This year we plan to award some speakers with awards for their talks. The selection will be done on the conference days and we will announce more details soon.

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