Announcing our Keynote Speakers!

Hello everyone, this is Yagami from the PyCon JP 2016 team.

I'm excited to announce this years keynote speakers.

Our first keynote speaker is Jessica McKellar!

Jessica McKellar is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and open source developer from San Francisco, California, USA. She is a former Director for the Python Software Foundation, PyCon North America's Diversity Outreach Chair, and a maintainer for several open source projects, including OpenHatch and the Twisted event-driven networking engine. For her outreach efforts in the Python community, she was awarded the O'Reilly Open Source Award in 2013.

Our second keynote speaker is Andrey Vlasovskikh!

Andrey is the PyCharm Community Lead, the maintainer of the Vim emulation for PyCharm, a contributor to PEP 484 Type Hints. He is also the author of funcparserlib, a functional parsing library for Python, and an organizer of Python meetups in Russia.

I'm really looking forward to hearing both their keynotes.

If you want to join them in our lineup of speakers, please submit a talk proposal!
You can learn how to do so in this blog post.

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