PyCon JP 2021 トークプロポーザルのレビューの観点を共有します | Review perspectives of talk proposals of PyCon JP 2021


(English follows Japanese)



PyCon JP 2021 英語担当のNaoです。


このブログでは、PyCon JP 2021のトークプロポーザルのレビューの観点を共有します。

なお、トークプロポーザルは https://sessionize.com/pyconjp2021-cfs/ にて、7/10(土)まで募集しています。


PyCon JP 2021 トークプロポーザル レビュー観点


  1. 内容はPythonと関連しているか  (優先度:高)

  2. 独自性・新規性があるか

  3. 具体的に持ち帰ることができる知識は明確か

  4. 発表者の伝えたいメッセージは明確か

  5. 対象となるオーディエンスが明確か

  6. トークの発表が明確にイメージできるほど構成は明確か (優先度:低)



すでに提出した方も募集期間内であれば、 Sessionize にて変更可能です。




募集開始の際には、こちらのPyCon JP ブログでお知らせします。



「Edit session」から編集可能です


PyCon JP 2021



Hi there,

I'm Nao, taking care of English language on the PyCon JP 2021 committee.


I will share review perspectives of talk proposals of PyCon JP 2021 in this post.

Call for talk proposals is open at https://sessionize.com/pyconjp2021-cfs/ until July 10, 2021 (Sat).


PyCon JP 2021 review perspectives of talk proposals

Your proposal will be reviewed based on the priority below (1 is the highest, and 6 is the lowest). The more you include the higher priorities, the more likely it is that your proposal will be evaluated.

  1. Is the content related to Python?

  2. Is it unique and new?

  3. Is there specific knowledge that can be taken away?

  4. Is there a clear message that the presenter wants to convey?

  5. Is the target audience clear?

  6. Is the structure of the talk so clear that reviewers can clearly visualize the presentation?

Some reviewers may not be familiar with the field of your talk. It is better to explain your proposal in such a way that they can also understand it clearly.


If you want to share your knowledge about Python at PyCon JP 2021, we recommend you write your proposal based on the above perspectives.

Once you submit your proposal on Sessionize, you can update the document anytime until the end date of the application period.


We are also looking for external reviewers to evaluate the talk proposals (currently in preparation).

If you have submitted a proposal, you can also participate in the review.

We will post an announcement here on the PyCon JP blog when we start accepting applications for the external reviewers.

Please check this blog regularly for updates.



Click "Edit session'' for updating your proposal.


Talk to you soon,


PyCon JP 2021

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