PyCon JP 2016 Call for Proposals

(In Japanese 日本語はこちら)

We’re looking for talk submissions for PyCon JP 2016. The timeline will be:


April 17 2016: Start of Call for Proposals

  • May 29 June 13 2016: Submission deadline

  • June 19 late 2016: Announcing accepted talks
End of July 2016: Announcing the conference schedule

We hope to get a wide variety of talk submissions from first time speakers to seasoned veterans of PyCons around the world. As all talk submissions will be public, feel free to share it on social media.

Submit your Proposals!!
Submit your Proposals!!

Submissions will be open until Sunday, May 29. June 13 !!

Talk Sessions

All talks will be 45 minutes in length. You should allow for 5 to 10 minutes of time at the end for questions from the audience. Your talk may be either be in English or in Japanese.

Besides talk sessions, there will also be poster sessions and lightning talks. for which we will begin accepting submissions soon.

How to submit a talk proposal


Create an account on the PyCon JP 2016 website

  2. On your account dashboard, fill in your speaker profile
Create a new talk proposal from the dashboard

Please note that talk submissions are public. You may share your proposal (or interesting talk submissions by others) on social media such as Twitter. We will consider the popularity of the submissions when making our selection.

You can view all the submitted talk proposals at https://pycon.jp/2016/en/proposals/vote_list/.

The deadline for talk submissions is the 29th of May 13 of June, so make sure not to wait too long to submit yours.

Selection process

PyCon JP staff will review the submitted talk proposals and do the final selection.

To help us select talks, you can comment on talk submissions and we will take those comments into consideration to gauge interest. Therefore we recommend you to submit your proposal early, to give others more time to read it and comment on it. You should also share your proposal on social networks to further increase the visibility.

Tips for your proposal

  • Write a detailed proposal and try to be as specific as possible.
  • Think of a good title. The title of your talk should both be informative and make it clear what it will be about while at the same time make people interested in hearing your talk.
  • Make the focus point of your talk clear, this will help us to differentiate your proposal from those on a similar topic.
  • Submit your proposal early. This will help you to get more attention to your proposal, increasing the chances that it will be selected.

If you have any questions or comments about the call for proposals, please email us at program [at] pycon.jp (either in English or in Japanese).

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