[PyCon JP 2018] 募集:キーノートスピーカー候補者の提案/Call for proposal: Keynote speaker candidates

PyCon JP 2018 コンテンツチーム のDs110です。

さて、PyCon JP 2018ではキーノートスピーカー候補者の提案を募集いたします。

提案締め切り: 2018年3月25日 日本時間 23:59
Proposal form

Hello, everyone.
I am Daisuke (Ds110) at PyCon JP 2018 Contents-team

We are looking for Keynote speaker candidates. If you can recommend anyone, for example someone working on a library that you frequently use, or someone doing really interesting work, then please let us know!

Thank you.

Proposal Deadline: March 25, 2018 23:59(JST)
Proposal form

去年のキーノートスピーカー/Last year keynote speakers

I introduce keynote speakers last year. 

Mr. Peter Wang

Mr. Masaaki Horikoshi

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  1. Saito-san, my submission was accepted via PaperCall, and I have confirmed, but I have not received any additional information. Thank you.